Made up your mind and finally decided to go ahead and get that new tattoo? Tremendous!
Now, it’s time to make it official and the deposit is what confirms your booking.
Look at your tattoo like a vacation. The deposit is like a plane ticket- it’s the only thing that will get you there! 
Deposits are paid once your appointment is scheduled, so we can keep that certain slot only for you.
When an appointment is made, there is some time that goes towards the preparation of a tattoo and when a costumer doesn’t show up, we not only have wasted the time that went on the preparation of the drawing but also we lose a potential revenue for not allowing other customers to book that time frame (not to mention the tears of desperation that usually pour from artists’ eyes when there’s a challenging project to work on!).
All that emotional rollercoaster is comparable to going on a date to find out that no one is coming to meet you there. Ouch. At least you’re at the pub, you can have a drink and it will make it all better. We run on green tea here. Very healthy but not as useful as a pint given the circumstances  This is why without a deposit, we don’t take any bookings. To protect our time and our feelings.
With our customers demanding a high level of professionalism, in response we demand our customers to agree to our deposit policy before paying the deposit. Please note that:

– The Deposit guarantees appointment times. 72 hours notice must be given to reschedule. In case of NO SHOW or rescheduling with a short notice, the DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED with NO EXCEPTIONS.

– Any appointment can be rescheduled only ONE TIME, every other reschedule will require a NEW DEPOSIT.

– If you are running late to the appointment, notice must be given. We will wait for up to 30 minutes, but after 30 minutes of waiting, the timer is ON. If you are over 1 hour late to the appointment, your appointment will be CANCELED due to no show. To book/confirm another appointment a NEW DEPOSIT will be required.

– The Deposit guarantees creating ONLY the design discussed in your consultation. Any fundamental changes in design or body placement after the initial consultation will require a NEW DEPOSIT.

– The Deposit is NON-refundable under ANY circumstances and applied to the final cost of the tattoo.

Now that you’re familiar with how to schedule your appointment it’s time to go ahead!

Thanks for reading and see you soon for your next tattoo.

Yours truly,


Tattoo etiquette- Part 1

This blog is aimed to help form a more educated and comprehensive clientele.

Having some tattoo related knowledge will help you have a better experience every time you will get in touch with your artist to discuss a new tattoo.

So you are thinking about getting a tattoo - great!

You will probably tell your friends - moved by the adrenaline and enthusiasm about finally getting that new tattoo, you’re so excited and just can’t wait to book your appointment until that one friend who always burst your bubble 10 seconds into the conversation will ask you:

-What you getting g?

You’re now staring at your friend, emotionally hurt by someone who you would expect to light your fire like Jim Morrison and instead gave you a hard old fashioned reality check.

The moment you’ll walk into the shop, after we exchange greetings I will have to ask you the same question and even though you’ll give me the same answer you gave your friends, you’ll expect me to tattoo you.

Now, please try to wear my shoes for a second.

We haven’t met before, I have no idea what you like. I have no idea what music you listen to, what’s your favourite movie, what are your beliefs. I need your mate’s number to do some digging on you.

-Hello is this Jane’s friend?

-Yes it is what can I do for you?

-Hi it’s Teo from Lighthouse Tattoo, Jane wants to get a tattoo but she doesn’t know what she wants, do you know what she likes?

-Oh yes she likes penguins

hold on a moment

-Jane do you want to get a penguin?


-give me sec

-Sarah? Yeah it’s Teo again, Jane doesn’t want a penguin tattoo…

Walking in a tattoo shop wanting to get a tattoo is very much like going in to a restaurant because you feel peckish. You sit down, have a look on the menu and then walk out if you don’t fancy anything from the menu.

Although I hate comparing tattoos to any other trade, it would be foolish to deny how easy to access tattoo studios are and not notice the pattern of costumer habits.

What really differentiates the nature of the business and the delivery of the service, is that tattoos, until there are visual references in front of us are an abstract entity and just like a deity, we might be thinking about it in a very very different way.

Now, if you’re still here get ready for another comparison.

Imagine walking into a grocer and asking: I want a bag of groceries!

The poor grocery store employee will look just as confused as I do when customer just shot point blank at me with their: -I want a tattoo but I don’t know what I want.

Now, the grocery store employee might just get lucky enough chucking in your bag a couple of easy to love items like chocolate, coffee and bananas and just get lucky with their weirdest customer of the day and pass on to the next one.

Tattoo artists don’t have the same privilege and we definitely can’t take the risk of doing something you might end up not liking.

There is an old saying in the trade that goes “good customer makes good business”.

Each tattoo is a project made with your tattoo artist, whether you surrender your skin as a canvas with full trust in your artist or if you request for something very specific or also if you are somewhere in the middle where you have a concept that you’d like your artist to express.

You, the customer, are the one who decides where we are starting this journey.

The easiest way to start will be looking at tattoos and artworks, ( this will help you narrowing down this infinite world and start giving a shape to your vision, you will quickly find something that resonates with your idea and that will help me to take it over from there and put you at ease in the co-driver seat.

Thanks for reading and see you for your next tattoo.

Yours truly



There are a few things you need to know in order to prepare you for your tattoo appointment, speed up the process and limit the level of pain you on the day.


- Get a good night sleep the night before your tattoo.

- Have a big breakfast/lunch one hour prior to your appointment.

- Drink plenty of water and bring in some sugar (fruit or chocolate) on the day.

- Bring comfortable clothes (especially something which is accessible to the area you are getting tattooed), headphones, phone charge and anything which will make you feel more at ease (even a pillow or sliders)

- Shave the area you are getting tattooed in the morning of your appointment.

- Take OUR advice when it comes to the design.


- DO NOT take drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of your tattoo

- DO NOT come to your tattoo appointment if you are getting sick or if you already are sick. Not only for your sake, but we also cannot afford to get sick, we can always reschedule). If you are, please notify us.

- DO NOT come in if you are sunburnt. Please notify us.

- DO NOT bring other people with you. It will distract us and in our job there's no room for error.
Tattoos require extreme precision, you can go hang with your friends when your tattoo is finished.

- DO NOT come in without eating before your tattoo.

- DO NOT book a certain day if you know you will have to be somewhere important soon after your booking. Tattoos take time and precision, and we cannot rush the process.


Please follow these instruction and remember that your tattoo will be a delicate and serious process and requires you to pay the attention it deserves



Your tattoo is like a superpower, is making you look a thousand times cooler but with it comes a bunch of responsibilities.

Fear nothing, the coolness is gonna be there forever but the responsibilities are gonna last just a few weeks

Here’s the deal, while it’s healing your tattoo is an open wound and has to be kept clean at all the time to avoid the risk of infections

The best way to look after your tattoo is the following .

1. Leave the tattoo bandaged for a minimum of 4-6 hours. Normally we recommend to keep the tattoo wrapped until the next morning but if you feel the bandage will come off while you are sleeping, please remove it before going to bed.

2. Gently remove bandage under warm running water to reduce the risk of damaging the tattoo.

3. Once bandage is removed, using an unscented soap, wash away all blood or other liquid from the tattoo using your hand and warm soapy water.

4. When you are done washing the tattoo off, gently pat the tattoo dry with a paper/clean towel and allow the tattoo to air dry for about 5-10 minutes.

5. Apply recommended lotion, taking minimal possible amount. Just few drops to slightly moisturize the tattooed skin. Please make sure the lotion is fully absorbed by your skin and does not leave any residue on the skin surface! It must dry immediately.

6. After waiting 2-3 minutes inspect your tattoo carefully and if you see blood coming out, wipe it gently with paper towel. Do NOT scrub, just wipe!

7. Leave your tattoo alone. Do NOT re-bandage!

8. First day after getting tattooed, inspect your tattoo carefully every 2-3 hours, if you see it’s bleeding, wash the blood away and cream your tattoo after each washing. (As described in 3-6 paragraphs)


• Pick or scratch tattoo while it is peeling!

• Soak the tattoo for 2 weeks. No swimming, baths, hot tubs or saunas for 2 weeks! Regular quick shower is fine.

• Apply alcohol, Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly or sun block until tattoo is completely pealed. NO shaving or waxing area to fresh tattoo.

• Expose tattoo to direct sunlight for first 2-3 months, sunblock after complete healing.

• Listen to friends or so-called tattoo experts. If you have questions just email us! And especially at the first sign of uncommon body reaction!

Once you leave the shop, proper care of your tattoo is your responsibility!

The shop, and Covid-19

When our tattoo shop Lighthouse finally gets back to business, we are going to be doing a few things differently.  When it comes to working safely, we are in a fortunate position..Unlike clothes shops, cafes or hairdressers for example, we deal with a small number of daily customers & have been focused on hygiene for a long time. Our treatment areas have always been cleaned with medical grade cleaning supplies, when we open, before and after each customer and again when it’s time to close. That’s the rule, not the exception. And after our re-opening, we’ll be stepping up our hygiene game to another level.

So what is actually going to change?

We know that the general rule is to keep everyone at a 2m distance. But we have decided to ensure 3m between each customer. This is because for every customer in our treatment room, there is also an artist and there is no way to keep the customer and the artist distanced from each other. So even though it is not official guidance, doing this makes us feel more comfortable providing our services.  This change means that instead of four customers, we will only be able to accommodate three at a time. This is for everyone’s safety and most importantly, peace of mind when getting tattooed. There will also be some changes in our waiting area. Our shop is a small space, and the waiting area is the same spot we use to carry out consultations and talk to walk-in customers. We will now ask customers to come alone on the day of their appointments as family and friends will take up space that we need to serve our other customers. A common sense approach is needed tooand we would like to ask our customers to postpone their appointment if feeling unwell. It’s not just about us while at work, but for other customers who will be in the studio after you. These new measures might affect our availability for walk-ins but don’t worry, we are still going to accommodate everyone. If before you used to walk in and get tattooed immediately, now we might have to tell you to come back in an hour. Nothing that we can’t deal with... just a little more communication.

Right, I am done with the boring part! Thanks for making it through this. Let me end on a positive note:

Tattooing is not going to die and you are not going to die. Life will be back to normal soon and we will be happier than ever. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Stay safe out there, and be kind to one another. Much love & see you soon.

Yours truly, Matt and Carlos
The Lighthouse, Kings Cross Tattoo shop

What you need to know about Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos have been growing in popularity in recent years and they can be a great way to make a statement. They’re also incredibly versatile, with small and subtle designs just as popular as larger, more intricate ones. An article for The Trend Spotter recently ran through the top trends in finger tattoos, as well as what you need to consider if you’re going to get one from a tattoo shop in Kings Cross.

One question we get asked a lot, and not just about finger tattoos, is whether they hurt. Of course, this depends in part on the person. What you have to remember is that the nerves and bones in our fingers are close to the skin, which can make them more painful than some other areas. However, because finger tattoos are small, they are quicker to ink, which obviously means you’ll be in pain for less time. You have to weigh it up based on your own experiences.

Another consideration is how to care for your finger tattoos to make them last. Because our hands are exposed to the elements and obviously we wash them every day, finger tattoos may fade more quickly than those elsewhere on your body. Following the aftercare instructions precisely will help ensure your tattoo looks fresher for longer.

Among the top trends when it comes to finger tattoos are ring finger tattoos, which are great for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a wedding band, or who is worried about losing one. Small finger tattoos, often an initial, symbol or shape, are also popular and a subtle way to get some ink. If you want a finger tattoo that you can easily hide, go for one that runs down the side of your finger, rather than being on top.

One celebrity who has multiple finger tattoos is Demi Lovato. Cosmopolitan recently highlighted all of her tattoos, noting that she has ‘me’ tattooed on the underside of her ring finger, as well as a smiley face tattooed on the tip of her pinkie finger on the same hand. She also has the words ‘peace’, ‘rock and roll’ and ‘free’ tattooed along the edges of three of her fingers, as well as a rose on her index finger.

Piercing Aftercare

Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or touching your piercing for any reason. Wash your piercing with a fragrance free soap using lukewarm runny water, cotton buds or cotton pads.

Once the area is completely clean, apply a cotton pad soaked with saline water and leave if for a minute.

It is not necessary to rotate the jewelry through the piercing, moving it gently back and forth will allow you to clean the jewel in its whole length. Gently pat with clean, disposable paper products to dry your fresh piercing Always make sure that the clothes touching your piercing are clean and that there's no texture where the jewel might get caught.

For the first three weeks avoid swimming, sauna, steam room and bathing. Excercising is fine, always remember that your piercing is an open wound and is very sensitive so "listen" to your body.

When showering, do not apply your regular shower gel directly on your piercing, once your are done with your shower, proceed to the clean your piercing