Made up your mind and finally decided to go ahead and get that new tattoo? Tremendous!
Now, it’s time to make it official and the deposit is what confirms your booking.
Look at your tattoo like a vacation. The deposit is like a plane ticket- it’s the only thing that will get you there! 
Deposits are paid once your appointment is scheduled, so we can keep that certain slot only for you.
When an appointment is made, there is some time that goes towards the preparation of a tattoo and when a costumer doesn’t show up, we not only have wasted the time that went on the preparation of the drawing but also we lose a potential revenue for not allowing other customers to book that time frame (not to mention the tears of desperation that usually pour from artists’ eyes when there’s a challenging project to work on!).
All that emotional rollercoaster is comparable to going on a date to find out that no one is coming to meet you there. Ouch. At least you’re at the pub, you can have a drink and it will make it all better. We run on green tea here. Very healthy but not as useful as a pint given the circumstances  This is why without a deposit, we don’t take any bookings. To protect our time and our feelings.
With our customers demanding a high level of professionalism, in response we demand our customers to agree to our deposit policy before paying the deposit. Please note that:

– The Deposit guarantees appointment times. 72 hours notice must be given to reschedule. In case of NO SHOW or rescheduling with a short notice, the DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED with NO EXCEPTIONS.

– Any appointment can be rescheduled only ONE TIME, every other reschedule will require a NEW DEPOSIT.

– If you are running late to the appointment, notice must be given. We will wait for up to 30 minutes, but after 30 minutes of waiting, the timer is ON. If you are over 1 hour late to the appointment, your appointment will be CANCELED due to no show. To book/confirm another appointment a NEW DEPOSIT will be required.

– The Deposit guarantees creating ONLY the design discussed in your consultation. Any fundamental changes in design or body placement after the initial consultation will require a NEW DEPOSIT.

– The Deposit is NON-refundable under ANY circumstances and applied to the final cost of the tattoo.

Now that you’re familiar with how to schedule your appointment it’s time to go ahead!

Thanks for reading and see you soon for your next tattoo.

Yours truly,